Dayton Document Shredding

Document Shredding

Document shredding is necessary when it comes to avoiding having confidential, sensitive documents getting into the wrong hands. Intercepted documents can be a public relations nightmare for a business, put a patient at risk or even cause a lawsuit from a client. By shredding documents, you will ensure that your important records remain in the right hands at all times. Lincoln Storage & Moving offers certified document shredding services so you can avoid a potential catastrophe result in the critical loss of important information.

We provide document shredding services for hospitals, law offices, companies of many different sizes and any type of facility or business. Our document shredding services will prevent the loss of your secure information, and by taking preventative measures, you’ll know that your private records will not be made public. Your documents will be securely destroyed and then discarded. You can rest easy knowing that the job was taken care of by trained professionals.

Our document shredding services are cost-effective for any size and scope need. We offer both on- and off-site shredding services depending on your exact needs. We are certified by NAID, the National Association for Document Shredding, and our purges services are extremely reliable. We will also properly recycle all shredding documents as a means of continuing our green efforts.

Get in touch with Lincoln Storage & Moving today to discuss your document shredding needs. We are proud to provide the most secure document shredding services available.