When it comes to storing your important records and documents, the experienced staff at Lincoln Storage & Moving have the comprehensive services you require. Your records and documents can take up valuable space in your office, space that could be put to much better use.

Our record management facilities are extremely safe and secure for all of your possessions. Our three facilities are both fire and theft protected, climate controlled and electronically monitored. We will barcode your items so they can be immediately retrieved. We will also allow you the option to have your items picked up or delivered.

Lincoln Storage & Moving’s records management storage services include:

  • Long-term document storage
  • Bar-coded for immediate retrieval of boxes, files and documents
  • Store your tapes, x-rays and computer files
  • Security monitored, fireproof and climate-controlled
  • Pick-up, delivery and courier service
  • Document Shredding: Private data should stay private, with our document shredding services, we have you covered.

With Dayton Movers, Lincoln Storage & Moving, your important documents will be secure and your business will save both money and space. You will only need to pay for the space you actually use for storing your files in our records management storage space.

Would you like to find out more about our records management capabilities? Get in touch with Lincoln Storage & Moving today to speak with one of our professional specialists about your future needs for records management. Request a free estimate from Lincoln Storage & Moving today by filling out our quick quote form right now!