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The Springfield commercial movers of Lincoln Storage and Moving are committed to providing you with a successful move. From packing to furniture assembly, we handle all of the leg work so that you can keep your cool during one of the most hectic transitions a business owner can experience.

Aside from the moving and storage, there are some things that every business needs to handle on their own when they change locations. Use this hand guide to facilitate your moving process and ensure no clients are lost along the way!

Update Directories

As a professional commercial moving company, our Springfield business movers have heard countless stories of business lost to improper planning before a big move. Especially if you have regular walk-in customers, you and your team need to change your listed location in all online and offline directories. These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Google and other search engine maps and “places” pages
  • Yelp, Angie’s List, and other online profiles
  • Industry-specific associations and directories
  • Your website (obviously)
  • Social Media Channels
  • Any place your name and contact information appear online

Reprint Marketing Materials

Don’t bother packing and relocating piles of flyers, business cards and newsletters that no longer reflect your correct address and phone number. Distributing old information is confusing and unprofessional, and you should make sure that your old marketing materials are recycled accordingly to prevent a future mix-up. We recommend printing all of your most important marketing materials with your new address ahead of time, and leaving it packed away until you arrive at your new location.

Get Your Utilities in Order

This goes without saying, but often causes trouble when done too close to the move-in date. Make sure you plan to shut down your current utilities AND start your new services at least a month in advance. Give your utility companies and internet service provider a week or two of buffer time to make sure that your office is up and running in the event of a storm, malfunction, or some other kind of delay.

Assign Offices and Consider Your Floorplan Prior to Move-In Date

From ill-advised office furniture purchases to poorly-planned office layouts, the floorplan of your office can make or break your stress levels during a move. Assign your office spaces with care, and be sure to place departments in close proximity to the most relevant office spaces for smoother sailing during your first few weeks in the new space.

Order The Essentials Ahead of Time

New furniture, appliances, keys, and parking passes should all be ordered ahead of time. You don’t want to forget your new employee’s desk or fall short a parking pass and have a tow-truck fiasco on your first day.

The most important step we didn’t mention? Be sure to find an experienced commercial moving company that you can trust! Our Springfield commercial movers offer full-service commercial relocation services. From office moving to corporate relocation, Lincoln Storage and Moving is the best in town when it comes to helping you plan and execute your business move. 

Call our experienced Springfield commercial movers today to learn more about our business relocation solutions. You can also fill out our online form to schedule a free moving estimate! 

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