Colder weather is in full swing in Dayton, and with that comes the necessity to protect items from the elements. Whether you are needing more room in your home during the holiday season, planning an upcoming move, or are looking to downsize, Dayton storage allows you to keep your items in a protected, monitored facility while you make key decisions.

Many items simply can’t remain pristine in ordinary storage. With climate controlled storage, your most precious items can not only survive, but be kept in ideal condition. Lincoln Storage offers numerous climate-controlled short and long term storage options of any size.

Temperature Control Storage Solutions

Climate controlled storage maintains comfortable winter minimums and summer maximum temperatures, protecting your business or household goods year-round. This storage option is ideal for many items, typically including: electronics, documents, paintings, fine art, furniture, antiques and heirlooms, as well as construction, medical, restaurant and office equipment. A climate controlled storage facility means that your items are ideally protected in the exact same condition as before.

Humidity Controls for Delicate Items

In addition to our temperature controls, our climate-controlled storage monitors and stabilizes humidity levels. Excessive moisture can be very damaging, especially during extensive durations. To help prevent mold and mildew from forming, our facility offers with solutions to maintain humidity below 65%. With our humidity- and temperature-controlled storage features, you can be confident that your most delicate items are stored with the utmost protection.

Climate-controlled Storage for Optimal Protection

Our climate controlled storage warehouse ensures that chances of warping, cracking, or other results from extreme temperatures is much less likely to occur. With a simple yet effective process, you can rest assured that your items are unaffected by cold, heat and humidity.

Protect your items from damage during the upcoming season by contacting Lincoln Storage today. Submit a free quote online or call to speak to one of our Storage Specialists to learn more.

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