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When most people think of moving, the first image that comes to mind is a stack of cardboard boxes. For years, using the classic brown boxes was the go-to way to transport just about everything during a commercial office move. Simply pack your items, tape it up and set it on the moving truck. 

However, after years of moving this way, Lincoln Storage and Moving is proud to say that we have found a better way. Using cardboard boxes may have worked in the past, but it often creates unwanted mess, waste, and hassle. In some cases, the boxes are reused for other purposes, but more often than not, all of the cardboard used to move is tossed in the garbage (or preferably, the recycling bin). 

In order to try and do our part to eliminate some of this waste, our team has introduced the Eco-Crate, a reusable, more efficient way of packing and moving. Our specifically-designed crates are made for more precise, organized packing and transportation—plus, it’s better for the environment!

Each Eco-Crate is made of durable, reusable materials and comes with its own crate dolly, eliminating the need for strenuous, haphazard packing and retrieval from the moving truck. The secure containers require no tape, are sturdier than cardboard, and easier to maneuver. 

The best part is that our new Eco-Crates are not only good for reducing our carbon footprint, but are also good for your wallet! Because the crates can be used again once you’re done with them, there’s no need to throw them out, which eliminates unnecessary disposal costs. Plus, you save money by not having to purchase cardboard boxes, helping to reduce the overall cost of your move. 

When it comes to cardboard vs. Eco-Crates, the winner is clear. Help improve the environment and the efficiency of your next relocation with Lincoln Storage and Moving’s eco-friendly moving solutions! Call one of our friendly, knowledgeable experts for more information and to get started on your next eco-move today. 

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