When storing your items you always want to make sure they come out of storage the dayton climate controlled storage facilityexact way they went in.   This is true for the least significant item all the way up to the most important item.   We here at Lincoln Storage and Moving know how imperative this is.   That’s why we use state of art climate controlled storage to keep your belongings safe and secure.   To avoid cracking, warping, discoloring and worse case deterioration the following techniques are put into place:
  • The Cold – Climate controlled storage temperature are always held above 40 degrees in the winter.
  • Heat - During the summer months temperatures can skyrocket.  Our climate controlled warehouses are always kept below 90 degrees.
  • Humidity – Humidity is always kept below 65% to prevent any mold or mildew spore growth.
The climate in Dayton can be brutal - the ups and downs in temperature and humidity in the Midwest can wreak havoc on delicate items.  Climate control methods must be put in place.  Common items held in our Dayton Storage facilities include: medical equipment, important documents, antiques, electronics, fine art, furniture (wood and leather), restaurant equipment, office equipment and more. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us and with our state of the art climate controlled facility we can make sure we follow through.  Contact Lincoln Storage and Moving today for your free quote.
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