Having to store documents is a hassle and it can take up a lot of space in an office. Just think about how many file cabinets there are in offices, or in your office. Many documents need to be kept forever or for a period of years. That’s a lot of space being taken up just for storing your important documents. Don’t you wish there was a Dayton record management company out there? Good news! There is! Lincoln Storage and Moving offer this service. The facilities are extremely safe and secure; not to mention there are three locations to choose from. These are some of the service highlights:

     • Long-term document storage
     • Bar-coded for immediate retrieval of boxes, files and documents
     • Store your tapes, x-rays and computer files
     • Security monitored, fireproof and climate-controlled
     • Pick-up, delivery and courier service
     • Document Shredding:

Make better use of the space in your office. By taking out a bunch of file cabinets you office can look much larger than it does now. This Dayton moving company has the expertise and facilities to meet your needs.