This weekend is the biggest festival dedicated to sports of every kind.  The festival takes place in Columbus OH from March 1-4th.  There you can expect to see people fencing, to bodybuilding, and even strongmen competitions. As a Dayton moving company we are astounded by the strongmen as they can lift incredible amounts of weights. Some time we wish they were our employee's being able to move a refrigerator by themselves with no problem would be useful on moves. The Arnold Classic though is a great time for anyone interested in sports and/or exercise. The expo is known for giving away TONS of free stuff, so much you'll feel like you might need some Dayton movers to help you get it all home.  This is a huge crowd pleaser.  Though you can expect to see a lot of commercial moving tucks though traffic this week as they set up for the festival.  Remember to drive safe and if you are looking for something to do, its a great way to spend a day.