Looking for a good college?  USnews.com reported that University of Cincinnati was ranked # 143 in the nation!  This may not sound all that impressive at first glance but, when you consider how many schools are considered its pretty good.  This is especially true when you look at the tuition which is only about $10,000 for in-state.  That’s pretty cheap for a good school!  Not from the area? Or think you have too much stuff to move to school by yourself?  No problem, there are tons of Cincinnati movers who would love to help you plan and help in your moving process.
Cincinnati’s residential movers are some of the best around and will move your belongings very carefully.   University of Cincinnati is a medium sized school with about 22,500 students enrolled.  Unlike many other schools, this school does not use semesters or even trimesters; instead they use quarters which allows the students to focus more in-depth on fewer classes at a time.   Class sizes are of good size too, about half range from 20-49 students and of the other half the majority is of classes with fewer than 20 students.
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