Lincoln Storage is one of the few companies who not only care about their customers, but they also care about their impact on this Earth.  Dayton Movers, Lincoln Storage are proud to say they believe being an environmentally friendly company is the way to be.  At Lincoln Storage & Moving, it is in our best interests to make sure we leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.  During relocations, needless trash is amounted, trash which could have easily been avoided.  We are proud to make use of Eco-Crates, an environmentally friendly alternative to cardboard boxes.
With Eco-Crates, you now have a great alternative for your packing needs. These crates are specifically designed for an office move and each one comes with its crate dolly, eliminating any need for back-breaking labor in the office. Without the need to round up cardboard box after cardboard box, employees will be able to quickly pack and unpack the Eco-Crates, no tape required here. Once all of your employees’ important items have been packed inside their crate, they can easily be maneuvered, whether they are heading to the opposite side of the building or being loaded up on to the moving truck.
For more information about how Lincoln Storage & Moving can help make your relocation green, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly professionals today. Request your FREE estimate from the movers in Dayton you can depend on by filling out our quick quote form right now!